Mobile Apps
Android and IOS (Apple) are your friend. Whether you are trying to meet your needs or the needs of your clients, meet them on the go.
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Desktop Apps
We do Windows and IOS desktop applications. When you and your team need to get it done the easy way, make an app out of it.
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Organization Specific
If you have needs that aren’t being met by software that already exists, make your own way with an application that is tailored for you.
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Personal Ventures
You want an application that will get you where you want to be. We build it and make it perfect.
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We do fully custom mobile applications, desktop applications, and web development.

Basically, whatever you can think of, we can do. Maybe you own a few warehouses and you want your employees to stop wasting time trying to find an item. Maybe you own a restaurant and you need an application that allows your guests to make reservations or place an order without having to call in and waste everyone’s time. Whatever the case may be, if you want an application to do your work for you, make a Smart Start.

Get It On The Go

Custom Mobile Applications

They are everywhere… in their masses… people on their phones… accessing an infinite range of products and services. Take advantage of all the tools available to your niche by leveraging the powerful capabilities of mobile applications in an effective manner. Managing your work flow to minimize your work load.
Smart Start will be there with throughout every phase of development - from helping you expand on a new idea to the finalization of a fully functional and aesthetically seamlessly application. We will keep your mobile application up-to-date with the latest technology. Updates will be done as needed and as desired according to the (possibly changing) requirements of the client.

Get It Where You Sit

Custom Desktop Applications

There are many reasons why a desktop application may serve your needs better than a mobile one. One is access – a desktop application is only available to the person while they are sitting at the keyboard. Another is the size of the display – if you need to be able to see more than a phone screen has to offer, then you may have to go desktop. The third, and last advantage to a desktop that we will mention here is performance – phones are still not quite as powerful as a PC. If you need a more complicated application, meaning extremely complex algorithms or a lot of threading, then it is possible that a desktop application will serve you better.
As always Smart Start will get you through every aspect of the desktop development process as easily as possible. We will also keep your application updated with the latest technology to ensure your application is both quick and secure.

Get It For Your Team

Organization Specific​ Software

They say teamwork makes the dream work. Let’s get all the members of your team on the same page with an application tailored for your business. There is no substitute for a powerful application that will help you organize your team, tasks, and time. Speaking of time, we will be on time at each level of development, which means you get a cost-effective product. The name Smart Start says it all, we are able to manage our time and effort because we know how to attack a project from the beginning. We know how to lay a solid foundation primed to scale and extend functionality. That means you save money in the long run and get your finished product on time.
From inventory to scheduling, and from e-commerce to communication, Smart Start is where you want to get it done. With a team of computer scientists and obsessive power nerds, we will insist you get exactly what you want. Do not settle for less than the best when it comes to taking care of your business, click that contact button and let us put you ahead of the competition.

Get It For Yourself

Personal Ventures​

You’re here because you have an idea. We’re here because we will bring your idea to fruition. Maybe you have thought of a new and better way to do social media – maybe you need an app to complement your online (or brick and mortar) store. Whatever it is, we will put it together for you in the most meaningful way possible.
We will be willing and ready from the very start. We will help you flesh out your idea, and make sure to include every piece of functionality you need for your application to be even better than you thought it could be. Hit that contact button and lets start the conversation that will lead to the fulfillment of your idea.

How much does it cost?

Getting The Best Rate Possible

As is the case with all development, the cost of custom software is directly dependent on its functionality and design requirements. We cannot answer this question without a consultation or a detailed description of what you need and what you need it to look like. The reality of custom software is that if you want it done right it can take anywhere from 2-9 months to get from idea to a finished product.
For a free consultation,
For a free consultation,