What Is The Difference Between A Website, A Web Application, And A Desktop Application?

What Is A Desktop Application?

The keyword to consider when answering this question is local. A desktop app runs locally on a device such as a PC or a laptop. A desktop application is stand-alone, and does not have to make use of an internet browser – or access to the internet – to run.

What Is A Web Application?

The software running a web app is partially or completely downloaded from the internet when the app is ran. Some run in a browser, which means the user accesses the application via a website. Some are client based, which means that instead of using a browser, the application is installed locally. Some are native apps, which are written in the suggested language for the device.

Web applications can store and access information locally or on a server.

What Is A Web Site?

The difference between a website and a web app is up to interpretation. A website is a collection of web pages, and possibly a database, which are hosted on a server under a single domain name. Websites are not particularly interactive. They are largely static. Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google are web applications – wikipedia.org and smartstarttech.com are websites.


There are a lot of similarities given here, so it can be confusing. If you are still totally confused about what we are talking about, or if you have any questions, get in touch with us, and we will get it straight.